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AirDesk® Testimonials and Reviews

The following AirDesk® Testimonials and Reviews were offered to AirDesk and are 100% Unsolicited.

Dear Customers;Thank You,Thank You, Thank You, for your many kind and generous words. Much appreciated, the Airfolks

We have had ours now for about 2 years. We use it in our motorhome. Wonderful … husband really enjoys it. Lynn 9/22/17

Thanks again got my air desk would like to see it on star trek good for advertising. Just to let you know got my air desk tonight 9/13/2017 and loving it I can type a lot faster and smother will send you a picture asap thanks again you are a great inventor this is what I always wanted and now because of you I can rest easy knowing that there are very smart inventors like you in the world p.s. I would like to see air desk on the next star trek series im not joking what great pr that would be. Joseph 9/13/17

Thanks for the heads up. Mistakes happen – it’s what we do about them that counts. Your fixing the problem before I was even aware of it says it all. Thanks Bob 7/12/17

I have had my airdesk for many years ( 32″ Standard Laptop AirDesk ) and I absolutely love it-there is NO better solution. Tony 6/18/17

I have tried any number of solutions and this is truly the ultimate desk! The flexibility makes it possible to work in comfort for extended periods of time and makes bulky furniture unnecessary. I love this desk. I could not be happier. I originally installed the coffee mug holder incorrectly and they replaced the part of me that couldn’t be salvaged. Terrific customer service. Terrific product, Linnae 6/18/17

Hello, I recently purchased your large laptop stand. I love it, but a longer arm would make it even better for my application. Thank you for making such an awesome product!

Love it the way it is so much that now I wish there was more accessories. Example A cup to hold pens. Glasses etc Rubber bands or equivalent to hold wires in place Smart phone chargers
Speaker stand maybe can use existing one but would be great if it can hold down the speaker so it does not fall Mohinder 4/17/17

Just an FYI, a buddy of Mine (Brian), is about to buy the same desk I just purchased. I told him how awesome it is. Thanks again. I will keep referring people your way. Chad 3/30/17

I’ve enjoyed an AirDesk at my recliner for several years and that prompted this order. Karl 3/22/17

Just got our airdesk yesterday and I put it together for the wife. This would seem to be the best arrangement we’ve tried and we’ve had lap-desks, swing-arm desks, etc.
Adjustable, looks good, seems well-made. Mark 3/21/17


Fantastic product. I had imagined what a perfect laptop stand should be for my needs and this is everything and more. Mohinder 3/17/17

We love your product standard part of life if we lost it we would be in trouble. You have done some of the world A GREAT SERVICE Charlotte 1/30/17

I absolutely love this thing, I absolutely would not know what to do with out mine. Maey 1/4/17

Enjoying my desk tremendously I would be happy to recommend it to anyone it is wonderfully eficient Ester 12/30/16

I have circulation issues in my legs and was using a small lap board to support my macbook pro. I am a writer and do a lot of work from my recliner on my computer. The lap board wasn’t helping my leg circulation issues, in fact, they were becoming worse. I just got my new airdesk on the 13th of January 2017 and I LOVE IT! My legs aren’t hurting as much and the mobility of the stand is awesome when I have to get up from my chair. God Bless the inventor of this device! Lana 1/13/17

Thank you, Sir. This Air Desk stuff is great. Have a good weekend. Gary 1/13/17

I used my Air Desk for the first time today. It did wonders for working in a vehicle. I found a bag to carry it in and wrapped the individual components and pillow cases. The extra material was great for padding. Thanks again! Tina 1/12/17

Assembled and love it, thanks and have a good weekend. John 1/7/17

Your AirDesk was a match-made-in-heaven gift for my mom this Christmas! Dad surprised her with a laptop this year, and I searched for the best laptop desk I could find to augment his gift. Mom has knee pain, so I wanted her to have an adjustable desk for use with a recliner. I didn’t want it to be “underfoot” and possibly cause a fall. I also didn’t want to settle for a flimsy or clunky monstrosity like most desks I was finding during my search. Nothing I could find on the market like it, but the AirDesk matched my criteria perfectly. Thank you so much for your design ingenuity, quality product and swift delivery. Your detailed website and helpful assembly video assured me that my family would surely be pleased. Made in the U.S.A. is always a point of pride to see, and the option of adding accessories or replacing parts is encouraging. I bet we’re more likely to lose a piece than break it because, as promised, the AirDesk is made of strong stuff. We extend our true gratitude and wish you and yours the best! J. 1/6/17

Never expected to hear back so fast, and on Sunday too! Thanks,I just ordered, Love the Air Desk, we have two! Happy Holidays, James 12/18/16

I think it is over 5 years old. I love my AirDesk. 🙂 Karole 12/17/16

Hi Ed, I’m ordering another Desktop Airdesk for my mothers bedroom now lol. She loved the one I put upstairs for her recliner 🙂 Christopher 12/9/16

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the air desk! I use it everyday. I just wish it had longer extendable arms & had wheels. I bought the air desk after I bought the Jesperdesk, which I do want to return for the reason mentioned. Karyn 10/17/16

Thank you for your most prompt reply!! I am impressed! I am thrilled to hear the AirShelf is strong enough to hold my 2nd laptop! It won’t be for forever as I am in the process of switching to my new laptop. I really love your products & will always be a fan! Patty 10/25/16

I appreciate your excellent customer service as in times past as well. I will make it my business to leave a review as soon as I can. I look forward to the Addison to my air desk that has served me and my adult children well. They love them too. Keep up the GOOD work you have an excellent product and I do share when asked about it and folk seem excited too. May God continue to bless you and yours, take GOOD care? Tonja 10/17/16

Great Product. I have two of them. Dennis 8/12/16

I bought this about a month in advance of major abdominal and thigh surgery which I knew would lay me up for weeks. As a busy realtor, I knew I would have to work in bed at times, staying in touch with my listings while out of town. I set it up next to my recliner at home before my surgery to try it out and fell in LOVE with it. I use a MS Surface with a “lean-to” type cover but unless I have it propped up on my knees, it falls flat. I prefer the keyboard so I use it like a laptop but it does not stay open as a laptop does. At home, I would prop the Surface on my knees in my recliner but if I had to get up for any reason, I would have to find a place to set the device or set it on its edge always worrying someone would step on it. The AirDesk was fantastic! We slipped the heavy base under one of the legs of the recliner and I bought the middle height post. I only wish I had purchased a slightly larger plexiglass pad as I have to have my Surface perched “just so” in order for it not to collapse. I’m sure a standard laptop would not have this issue. In spite of that small issue, I loved the way I could swing away the computer if I had to get up out of the recliner and then come back to it. I never had to worry about it closing and shutting off by accident and never had to worry about stepping on it.
Now I am out of state in a hotel recovering from my surgery. It is doing everything I need it to do. It adjusts to the perfect height and tilt and easily swings away when I need to get out of bed. I just wish I had ordered a larger pad and perhaps a mouse p[ad for occasional use. You are a genius! I found this indirectly through Amazon but it should be EVERYWHERE! My 3 sons like to use their laptops in bed. I worry about the heat in their lap as they “otter.” (I hope to have more grandchildren one day! haha) I wish each son had one of these! Jill 10/8/16

You may soon see a rash of orders from New Hampshire; I’ve already got folks coveting my desk, and think I’ve “sold” a few. Thanks again for your reply and for the great product. Jeremy 9/14/16

I was very impressed by the laptop desk my future step daughter has. I look forward to having one of my own! Mary 8/24/17

I absolutely love my AirDesk. My home office is in our family room, and nothing else could possibly work as well in that setup as the AirDesk. I’ve been using the Tall AirDesk with one AirShelf, large laptop tray upgrade, and cup holder, and more recently have added the VESA mount for my second screen, which works beautifully for keeping me from hunching over the laptop. Now with the reports about how important it is to stand as often as possible, and preferably work standing up as well as (or instead of) sitting, I’m wondering if my setup would work with your 7′ projector stand mast. Your thoughts? And is it possible to get only the 7′ mast, without the projector mount? Thanks as always for your excellent products Erin 8/18/16

Right you were, Ed! The way the hands naturally arch plus the decline of the keyboard make this almost unnoticeable. I love the Airdesk. With my neck issue, I would not be able to do graduate school without it. Taylor 7/8/16

Thanks much, Ed, for your info. Please do not think that I am criticizing your web site. It is terrific and already has tons of very useful info and illustrations. I’m telling everyone I know about your products. So simple and yet so effective with so many uses (and you can quote me on that). Thanks for the word on the swing out mouse. I also use the large accessory shelf which swings in and you so well for my mouse and special mouse pad. You may have already noted that I just sent my order about 45 minutes ago. I wanted to rethink it this morning and added some things, as you see. I can’t tell you Ed how happy I am (as well as my son and my grandsons) about your AirDesk. My wife has a hip replacement next week and I’m going to put it right next to her bed from where I have it now. We commend you for your thoughtful design and skillful execution of AirDesk. I know a little about how much know-how, time, energy and money it takes to get a product like this out. Many thanks! Jim 7/8/16

Do you have a referral program? We are a small computer/technology company in Mankato, MN and would like to start referring our customers your direction. I have one at home and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Let me know if you have a referral program or an affiliate program. Thanks! Wendy 6/27/16

Seeing your videos and your products I must congratulate you on your innovative but simple approach in creating your laptop desk. Hats off! I’m ordering mine right now, without delay, and wish you every success! Can’t wait to put it to good use, Ed. I wish there were some way to make it even more well-known. I looked all over Amazon but could not find anything as innovative or as stable as yours. Then I simply asked online (Safari), “What is the best laptop stand?” and yours came up. I wish it would come up on Amazon, but I know that as with our products (, they take their cut. Given all of the designing, work and production you have done, you deserve to get your reward while trying to keep a competitive price. I’ll be passing on your link to others. Again, many thanks for all your work for all of us. Jim 6/25/16

I do use the shelve a lot for papers, pen, snacks, etc. and love it! You recommended the larger shelf when I bought it and I am SO thankful you did! The size is perfect and smaller would not be nearly as usable. I honestly can’t imagine using the air desk without this shelf. Lisa 6/12/16

Thanks for the quick reply. I have an older unit (maybe 10 years?) which has a cracked top that my computer overhangs. I’ll be ordering a new large tray, plus a new unit for my wife. I love my AirDesk! Steve 5/28/16

Just wanted to say I love my air desk! Thanks for the help in figuring it out. Lisa 5/24/16

hi ed. woohoo! it does have those four holes. and is under 10 lbs. thank you. we have a laptop airdesk that we’ve had for a number of years so i know it’s strength and capability.i love the airdesk. my husband bought this first one for my birthday. but we’ve rearranged furniture and so he uses it now. but it’s mine. so i’m going to order the desktop airdesk for his upcoming birthday so i can use it. lol. thanks ed. Mary 5/16/17

We have had an Airdesk for many many years (love it) and now we have moved. We have basically sold everything we own and moved into a 30 foot Airstream Travel trailer and when I retire in a few months, we are going to travel full time for a few years. I was able to remove the base and screw the flange into the floor of the trailer so we can still use the Airdesk. (see attached photos) Since we have a blog,, we want to tell our followers about the Airdesk in the trailer. Do you have a logo we can put on the blog? If anyone buys an Airdesk from our blog, do you offer a finder’s fee? Just wondering? Jim 5/9/16

Thanks. All good. Submitted again. Great product. Buying this one for my niece in college. Greg 5/7/16

As I said, my Desk is really important… whole life revolves around it, and it is just perfect for my needs. Somehow I must get it fixed so I can depend on it… son is not always here to redo the screw….and it doesn’t do any good, anyway. (I read some of your reviews…!
I certainly agree with all of them…..I am so impressed with the design and engineering of the Desk. Carol 4/12/16

I just hope you can come up with a way to reach more users because there are people out there right now, looking for you, and they cannot find you! Thank you so much for helping me place my order by phone! Best, Karla 4/6/16

Thank you so much for the short sweet custom stoppers, which just arrived. What a great surprise. After I cut off the tops of the longer standard ones & reported to you that it worked, I somehow thought that was the end of it. So I’m even more delighted with the new ones. alix 4/5/16

I am purchasing a 2nd one…nice product. very clever! Daniel 3/26/16

I love the air desk I purchased a couple of months ago for my recliner. You have a terrific product. J Richard 3/16/16

I tightened the set screw but I appreciate the reminder (what a great idea to use a set screw). I am so impressed by the airdesk and so is everyone who has seen it. I just really felt the need to write you back and tell you how much I love the airdesk and how I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions/concerns before my purchase.
Sincerely, Linda (Now I can say I am writing you from my Airdesk! Haha!) 3/9/16

I finally got the chance to set up my new air desk and I just wanted to say thank you! I have only had it up for one day but so far it is great! I am so happy with it.
I plan on getting another shelf for my airdesk in the future as well. I will definitely tell anyone I come across that needs a laptop or pad stand about the airdesk and how awesome it is! Thanks again! Linda 3/9/16

You guys have a great product that I have used for years and one bad experience does not change the fact that I am using your products for my “man cave” in retirement and am enjoying their use. You have a satisfied customer. John 2/20/16

I bought a laptop desk I think back in 2003. It has been a wonderful product. Jeffrey 2/16/16

I finally do have everything for my AirDesk and I have to tell you it is beyond my expectations. It is sturdy enough to handle my 23′ monitor as well as my rather heavy Sager laptop. The mouse pad works great and doubles as a phone holder when not being used. The only thing I had to add was a piece of shelf-liner over the Plexiglas for the mousepad. The mouse laser would see right through it and generate no motion for the cursor.
The setup is great. I can move in the mousepad, monitor, and laptop by simply swinging them in when I sit in my easy chair. I feel extremely spoiled with my new setup and it is exactly what I needed. No other products compare to what you offer. Thanks for all your help. Tim 2/9/16

Love your stuff….. Paul 1/31/16

I do love the new website by the way. I also wanted to say that I really appreciate the excellent customer service I’ve been receiving throughout the years of buying your products. The products themselves are super high quality and have saved my working career since I have back problems and can’t sit in a normal office chair but you have also been fantastic to deal with. It’s hard to find a company that really treats their customers like they should be treated and because of that you have a customer for life. Thanks again! Eric 1/23/15

Long overdue testimonial. I purchased your AirDesk years ago for my husband to use on his chaise lounge in our bedroom. We have been absolutely delighted with the style, function & flexibility. But, every time I look at it I feel guilty because of the following…Soon after we received the AirDesk we broke off the peg on the main desk shelf. I left a message at the company and immediately the owner/boss/man in charge returned my call, on a weekend no less!, apologized and sent me a replacement shelf at no charge! I was so impressed with the customer service, in addition to the product, that I was going to write a RAVE review to sing the praises of the company and product but never did. Please know how much I appreciated the quick response to the problem. It was not even a problem with the quality of your desk it was something that we caused. I hope this helps to alleviate my guilt! Sincerely Susan, Michigan 1/12/16

The VESA Arm works great! I have a 24” wide screen monitor on attached and I love it.
I now have the VESA arm, a cup holder, a large laptop shelf, a big shelf and a small shelf on my Airdesk! Everything is stable and works well! Wayne 1/5/16

My Airdesk was delivered soon after I sent the last email. I have assembled it and it is going to be “PERFECT”.
Thank You for something that works like you said it would. Sincerely, Ruby 1/4/16

As I’ve said before, we love our AirDesk units. They have been a fabulous benefit to my wife, her 95 year old mother, and myself for the last 10+ years. Several family members have also purchased units, because of seeing us with our units.
I / we look forward to many more years of dealing with your company. Ken 12/28/16

Dont get me wrong Ed, I love this thing. I office at home and use it 10 to 12 hours every day. I get up down 20/30 times a day spinning it around. It sits between two chairs that I switch sitting in throughout the day. It has spun around and used for a year flawlessly.
I absolutely know about the hidden set screw. I think maybe i will just check every three months or so. Again, I love it and will continue recommending.
Thanks again for the response and great support. Gary 12/23/15

Thank you for such such a marvelous product Sanford 12/2/215

I just wanted to let you know that 7 years ago I purchased an airdesk for my husband.
It was the most unique anniversary present that I have ever given him.
He’s been through 3 recliners and 3 computers since then.
He is still using his airdesk and is very happy with it. It’s a great design.
Thank you. Cathy 12/9/15

YOU ARE THE DUDE?? and your AirDesk is awesome Thanks! Blessings… Cheryl 11/19/15

Thank you so much for your quick response. My husband and I both love our AirDesks, mine is much older than his. I don’t know what we did before we bought them. Judi 11/3/15


My parts came today and guess what! I just finished assembling and we have a winner!
Thank you so much for your extra effort to get me the what was missing and what you knew I
would need! Love it! Thanks again and happy computing! Live with Passion, Pam 10/21/15

I LOVE IT! only thing I would suggest for the keyboard arm. mine is a gamer keyboard and I put a heavy bead wrist guard in front of it so it makes it very heavy and I tend to lean on it anyway a bit when I type or mash game keys.. so my thot was if you could make a rubber thumb* a graduated size sort of cork* that would fit into the slot on the armature that allows it to go side to side that would literally stopper * it in place and prevent any misplacement after you had it the way you wanted. atm I am using my knee lol . but FINALLY my pc molds to ME not the other way around and with a bad back and knees etc it is a Blessing!! also small spaces and this way I can swing things out of my way to access more space when the whole family is in the living room. Only one bad incident happened.. my cat didn’t see the mouse pad and totally made a mess of herself and the couch trying to jump up that way. lol but apart from that one thing I LOVE this contraption.!! till you invent* some stopper gizmo I will use my own ingenuity to invent a substitute . thanks for the very promt delivery and the video really helped me put this together like a champ!Linda 10/13/15

I normally don’t do this, but I had to tell you how much I LOVE my airdesk. I was skeptical when I saw it, but it does everything you said it would and It works perfect for me Thank you! mb 9/11/15

In all, I think you have a great design. I love how you can just push it away to get out of your easy chair, or swing it back when you need it. I love the second tray which is perfect for meals or for my second laptop.
Odette 9/9/15

Thank you for the small missing parts. They came promptly in the little box today. I like the AirDesk very much. Jean 9/9/16

I absolutely love my AirDesk ! Superb quality. Excellent EASY assembly instructions. Very attractive in the simplicity of its design. Everything I wanted and expected from the product description. Thank you so much !!! Linda 9/5/15

I bought one of your air desks several years ago. It has lasted all this time and I love it! I broke the post in the front and would like to get a set to replace it. Can I buy 1 or 2 set of these? Any help would be great! I am having problems getting my keyboard to stay in place now.
Sent. Note: We mail replacement Screw-stops/posts upon request, no charge. Ed Jean 9/2/15

Thank you, your desk is a thing of beauty! Good job! Jean 9/2/15Patti 8/31/15

Received the replacement height adjuster ring in the mail today. Thank you I really like my Air Desk. Mike 8/31/15

TMI … thanks again from a very happy customer and user! Bill 8/24/15

Thxs your products are awsome D 8/22/15

I have the laptop version of the Airdesk. I LOVE it Gigi 8/16/15

I love this stuff by the way, it is the best in the world Carol 08/11/15

I’ve had my air desk for several months and I LOVE it! Deb 7/10/15

P.S. Your products are awesome! Sheri 7/6/15

I purchased 2 airdesks about 6 weeks ago; one for my office and one for home. I think they are great and I use them at both places everyday. J.Dee 7/1/15

I use the basic airdesk with a large shelf and cup holder and I love it the thing, I absolutely love it. Jerry 6/29/15

In any and all events, I love your product and can?t imagine how I got by without it before. Thank you ! David 6/28/15

I just wanted you to know that I was very impressed with the Airdesk I ordered. When I mistakenly ordered one of the wrong arms (iPad instead of laptop) , you immediately shipped me the right one. Your customer service is second to none. The quality and design are top notch and believe me I know when I see it. It is also refreshing to see an American company sell high quality products like this at a fair price. Really Great job.! Mike 6/26/15

Thanks, Ed. It arrived today and am enjoying it J David 6/25/15



We have three of the things and I tell you, we just love them. Bruce 06/22/15

Just wanted to let you know my air desk arrived today. I’ve got it all set up and it’s nice! Jeffery 6/20/15

i love this thing I have told a lot of people too, I am good advertising for you. Clifford 6/19/15

PS: really nice design. Steve 6/19/15

I purchased a airdesk from you a few years back and I absolutely love it. Todd 6/14/15

I got my AirDesk a couple days ago and I am very happy with it. It is exactly what I have been looking for for a long time. I can now sit in my recliner and use my laptop without my legs getting hot (Even with a lap desk) and my legs can breath now. The design is perfect and easy to assemble. It is stylish and fits perfect. Thank you for making this product. John of Wyoming 6/5/15

thanks for a great product! Diane 5/30/15

I have one here and I have one at my vacation home and they are great Richard 05/28/15

Hi Ed, I got two of your airdesks a few months ago, one for my dad and one for myself and we both really like it…. I am migrating into a “work-outside” mode at my new living space (here in San Diego) and was wonder if this airdesk would survive the outdoors and ocassionally being rained on. I will also be about 1000 feet from the pacific ocean (salt water)… What do you think? I guess the two main parts at the base and mast so if you could address them each individually that would be great.. Bepko 6/19/15

I really like your work and from the comments I read on the web site I am not alone. Dr. Noel 5/18/15

this is the bestt thing I have evder seen, so nice to swing the heavy laptop out of the way. so nice with my lift chair. Very well thought out design.GREG 05/12/15

Best engineered product ever. As good as my Audi A6 and Iphone 6+ Jeffrey 05/12/15

I bought my Airdesk in 2009 and I love it. It seems to be holding up very well. I’m getting married and my fiance says she might like to have an Airdesk of her own. :-) Chris 5/7/15

I bought an AirDesk projector stand a few years back, and it has served me amazingly well. I’ve taken it all over North America using it to for live musical performances, and it’s been an amazing solution to the vexing problem of doing projection in varied an inhospitable environments. 4/21/15

P.S. Still love the apparatus. Best thing since sliced bread. The only bad thing about it is it does have a tendency to promote couch potato-ism. Martin 4/20/15

I am sitting at my air desk and am so appreciative of it that I thought I would tell you and if you would like, to let you post this on your site. It is one thing to say you are satisfied with a product shortly after purchasing it, but I want to tell you that I am absolutely, without a doubt, satisfied with my Air Desk that I purchase over 5 years ago. I researched this before I purchased it. I wanted a platform that would easily move out of the way when I got out of my recliner and back into position when I sat back down. I chose Air Desk because it looked like it would do exactly as I wanted; and it does just that. I am a professional software developer and use my air desk several hours each day. It supports my heavy (12lbs) laptop plus the weight my wrists resting on it, without issue other than periodically the set screws holding the pole in the base occasionally loosen. These are easily tightened with a hex key. When I purchased the Air Desk, I also purchased the mouse tray attachment. This didn’t work out for me so I contacted the company, told them the problem and again, I was impressed by the response. I was told, no problem, a credit for the add-on would be immediately applied to my account and that when I got around to returning that mouse tray, just include a note saying it was already credited. That’s integrity in business that was rare then and even more so now. The bottom line is that if you want a quality product that will serve your needs for years, this is the product for you. Sincerely, Rich 4/18/15



In fact, I am sitting in my recliner right now, typing this email on my MacBook Air with the greatest of ease. Even though an MBA is a relatively lightweight machine, it really does make a difference, getting the laptop off the lap! And the tablet arm/shelf unit is so cool. I use my iPad mainly for games, and being able to fully use both hands/wrists/forearms to play is delightful. Another great feature of the tablet holder’s design is that the charging port is unobstructed, so I can leave the cable plugged in. Being able to swing the arms out of my way when I get out of my chair (if I ever do again!) and have them perfectly positioned when I sit back down is also fabulous. Your assembly instructions were clear for the most part (the videos did help). Laiki 3/6/15

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I love my desk. I received it yesterday and my husband set it up for me this morning. It was just what I was looking for as I get up and down from my computer all day and I love how it swings away. I love the shelves also, they are great to hold all my pads, pens and coffee. love the look as I work in my living room and this desk looks so nice. thank you again for making this great product. Maryann 2/25/15

You did a wonderful job, you should be congratulated Rene 2/20/15

its a realy nice product, I really like it. Robert 2/19/15

I love my new airdesk. My son ripped up the directions. I have a couple of pieces that not sure where they go. Please send me a copy of directions to email. Thanks. ME. Also where can i review the product as I love it. Matthew 2/13/15

Thanks so much, and I promise you, this is a great product,I’m already letting people know in my group about this product , by the way the desk is excellent, I’m already referring it to my sister Anthony 2/11/15

I’ve had the Airdesk for several years now, and it’s truly one of my most satisfying purchases EVER. However, as much as my friends love the concept, they constantly say their wives won’t allow it. One of them mentioned she would tolerate it if it were more “stylish”. You should seriously consider redesigning them w/ a modern look. Think fancy/expensive lamps you’d see in the Sharper Image catalogue, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc. She suggested colored shelves, oil-rubbed bronze poles/arms, etc. You could charge a premium for it in those stores, and people would pay it. Just an FYI from a bachelor who loves the product as is… Mike 2/9/15

I will do as you suggest. Thanks for responding. I love this product! Harriet 2/8/14

Thanks if you need a review let me know. I had major anterior and posterior cervical spinal surgery. The first desk I bought has been invaluable. Michele 2/6/15

I love your product(s). Steady onwards :-) -J 1/16/15

Thank you for shipping vertical mast. It is just what I have been looking for. You should go on Shark Tank. Stephen 1/16/14

You are awesome! I brag about you to everyone! Carolyn 1/15/14

I have thoroughly enjoyed my airdesk which I have owned for somewhere around 15 years, while periodically ordering replacement parts as necessary. It has really been a lifesaver for me and has caught the eye of many people who have visited my home over the years.To my knowledge it’s the only laptop desk of its caliber on the market today. Pamela 1/2/14

“After breaking my ankle I was confined to my armchair for about 2 months, and after a week of this I was finding it difficult to keep up with my work, most of which I do on my laptop. It wa just too darned uncomfortable. My partner, Amy, found ‘Airdesk’ whilst surfing the web, and I ordered one straight away. This has been one of my favorite purchases of all time. Airdesks work like a charm, and they deliver everything they promise.” Gary Regan, 12/31/14

Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying my airdesk. Received it as a Christmas gift. Very easy to put together and works even better than I expected. Now I can work with better posture and less pain. Deedra 12/28/14

I wanted to tell you that the mobile airdesk is phenomenal. It may be one of the best products I have ever purchased. I will have to tweak it a little with knobs, instead of allen nuts, to make it a little easier to break down, to go in a carryon, and put back together again when I pick up my rental car. But it is an outstanding product! I am extremely please with it. Michael 12/7/14

Thanks for the quick service. Love the desk. Bernadette 11/28/14

The answer to all my dreams, brilliant actually, Carolyn 11/24/14

Congratulations on this wonderful design. I look forward to using the desk. Nice chatting with you. Stay warm up there in ME. CT 11/14/15

I recently purchased an air desk projector stand from you guys and I think it is absolutely brilliant. The unit will be used in portable projection applications so I would like to get a custom road case made to house all its various parts and a projector. Jordon 11/15/14

Used it over the weekend, absolutely loved it, I cant tell you how much I have spent on laptop desks. mike 11/17/14

We love our Airdesk! We received the larger tray–perfect for our bigger laptop. Thank you very much. Looking forward to healthier working/living! Please feel free to post on your website, along with message below.

On another note, I am so impressed with the design of your invention, the adjustability yet sturdiness of it, the many angles in which the tray can be moved. I am eager to show it to my father, who is a retired industrial designer. Perhaps I could send a photo that you could consider posting on your site. Thanks again, Beth 10/22/14

Congratulations, it is terrific, ingenious, I think it is magnificent Rojas 10/19/14

I love it, love it, love it Betsy 10/18/14

Oh your an engineer, it is an ingenious design. Beth 10/17/14

To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. After settlements ng @t up with help from my wife I was using it right away and love it so much I wrote a review on my blog at Great product. Does exactly what t claims and simply just works. Keep up the god work! Dave 10/16/14

Love my Air Desk! So glad you have replacement parts online now! Warmest, Ronda 10/8/14

We bought my Airdesk for my father-in-law originally. But, amazingly, he didn’t use at all. So I took it and use it always. Luis 10/3/14

We had one delivered last week and love them so much we decided we (the whole family) had to had one…. thanks for a great product. Bubba 9/27/14

The AirDesk is an absolute blessing. Sharon 9/25/14

We’ve enjoyed the AirDesk and thank you for the great product! Thank you, Karen 9/24/14

Oh thankyou very much! This is my second air desk purchase because I just loved my first one and now I want one for my summer house. Richmuni 9/24/14

My son-in-law just set up my new Air Desk and it is exactly what I wanted and needed but had about given up finding! I am 86 with failing eyesight….I needed something that would reach right into my lift chair to bring my Kindle Fire on its stand close. Carol 9/6/14

I’ve been using my airdesk now for almost 2 years and I love it. When I first received it, I thought it was too flimsy. I called in to get return instructions and the fellow I spoke with asked me to try it one more time. I’m very glad I did. I just had to get used to it and tighten it up properly. Ted 8/28/14

Thanks Ed! After getting used to the desk for awhile, I must say it is awesome! I understand now that the adjustments are meant to be used gently. At any rate, thanks for the next day shipping and the thoughtful product and installation video. Very impressive! Hey thank you Ed! Love the desk! Andre 8/18/14

I hope your company is doing well, I realy enjoy your product.I was one of your first customers, I think. I used to live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I think when I bought it, you were two clever, intelligent guys making them in your basement. I LOVE YOU!!! :-) Susan 8/22/14

without a doubt the best thing i ever did, you guys make a great product robert. 8/8/15

Thank you again for both your product and excellent service! Sincerely, Kay Balash 8/7/14

P.S. Your air desk has solved a furniture problem at my house that I have been fighting for years…! I am literally addicted to this air desk now. Ken 8/5/14

We received the air desk yesterday late afternoon. Very impressed with the quality, thank you… Kathlene 8/5/14

I have really enjoyed the Air Desk over the years I have used it in my work. Many thousands of student assignments have been scored from my Air Desk as well as countless emails answered. Michael 5/8/14

It’s an ingenious design, I’m really happy Katherine 5/6/14

It’s a great product, I really enjoy it. Jeff 5/5/14

And… thanks! I love product, by the way, and visitors often comment on it. Bruce 5/4/14

Bought mine in 2010, I can’t live without it My friends like it and some friends bought one and some thought it was too expensive, they are wrong, it is worth every penny. If I could not get another there is no amount of money that could buy this one away from me. Jewell 5/1/14

I appreciate you so much! We need more customer service individuals like yourself with dealing with online shopping these days! I was shocked it was actually ready to be shipped out on truck. THANKS for the patience and effort in getting the order corrected. ? You made me a Happy Camper and hopefully there is an online ability to place a Fantastic Review on your service and company. If you have a quick link to that site email me. Nanc 4/30/14

Keep on building those great desks, they’re the best on the market. David 4/29/14

You have an absolutely stunning product Warren 4/26/14

Thank you so much for my AirDesk. I ordered just before my hip replacement surgery and it was so easy to put together, I assembled it only 4 days after my operation! I was able to start working at home after 2 weeks because I could get my laptop in a very comfortable position to work. The design of the AirDesk is perfect and now that I am back full time working and able to get around, I find the AirDesk is wonderful. I can adjust it to exactly the position I want. My back is much better and my shoulder doesn’t hurt because I am trying to sit at the kitchen table which is too high. Thank you again for your wonderful product and for making my life easier. It was so worth the money! Amy 4/26/14

My elderly mother has had hers a week now, she absolutely loves it. I would like to place an order for mine. Terry 4/22/14

Love my airdesk, by the way. My dad loves his, too. We got one because we admired the one my brother has. Ellen 4/16/14

It’s been truly awesome for my laptop on either sofa or reclinerThank you, I really like the desk! Ann 4/13/14

I have put this thing through a lot and it works wonderfully. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Virginia 4/9/14

I love the product Scott 4/8/14

Thank you for this — I set up the air desk last night and it’s perfect for my needs. Scott 4/8/14

I bought an airdesk three years ago and it has been one of the best things I’ve ever owned frankly. Allen 4/5/14

I’m telling you, you have a woonderful product and the instructions are fabulous. Nancy 4/3/14

How perfect can you get, slickest thing going Jim 4/3/14

I am still loving my AirDesk. Brent 3/29/14

I LOVE the AirDesk, thank you for developing a it and supporting your awesome product. I can’t say enough about the freedom it has given me when I want to work, but my back is acting up. I use it with my LaFuma zero gravity chair ( This gives me an inexpensive extremely comfortable workstation for a very reasonable price! Pacia 3/27/14

You just know it when you buy a product that someone cared about the design and craftmanship. It went together using your simple well designed plan and mechanisms such as the knobs and screws. It took about 5 minutes to put together. Use wise it moves and tilts with ease and it is nice to have the “memory” of the tilt when I move the tray away and back again. My stand is sleak. I am sitting in my club chair working without back knots or pain from holding up my laptop. It is in the list of my favorite things like my Audi and Macbook. Well done Airdesk’s designers and builders ! Jeffrey 3/25/14

I tell everyone about your product; I think it is the best. 8-10 years ago I needed to finish 3 years of college in a single year. Your desk made it possible to swing in and out my chair and get up and move around after spending many hours studying online. Now I have another reason to tell people… great product and great customer services. Thank you, Brian 3/22/14

The airdesk is wonderful with my tablet, Great to punch up shows on my tv, john 3/12/14

My knees we replaced three weeks ago and immediately I realized that if was going to effectively keep up with my job from home I needed some kind of genius solution for using my electronics while constantly reclining. I found your product on a link on Amazon, it looked exactly like what I needed, and now, two weeks after owning it, it’s true. I love how my laptop floats exactly where my hands are the most comfortable typing. The good thing is that, once I’ve recovered, it’ll continue to be a good-looking and handy piece of furniture. Thank you, Lynn 3/2/14

I love my new laptop stand just got it today Thornton 2/26/14

A wonderful piece of equipment, it realy is, I really enjoy the swing away ability. Derek 2/22/2014

I just wanted to let you know that I received the mast and everything is working fine now. It appears that the missing part may have indeed broken through the bottom of the box, as I found a small hole on one end. BTW, I’m very happy with the AirDesk! :-) Dyna, 2/23/14

Just want you to know that my husband LOVES his air desk. Thanks for a great product. Mary, 2/22/14

I LOVE IT AND THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT I can’t thank you enough one of the best purchases I have ever made. MONA, 2/21/14

Very pleased owner of one of your products, 7 years,i adore it, I have two pieces of furniture in my livingroom, my chair and my airdesk. Carl, 2/18/14

I received my airdesk a few days ago and it’s beautiful! Thanks so much! A beautiful stand and great customer service. I’ll definitely tell anyone who’ll listen to buy your AMERICAN MADE product. RJ, 2/14/2014

Overall, this is a great product and I have recommended it to my friends. I don’t just like it…I LOVE it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product! Angie, 2/9/14

My Airdesk has arrived and it was pretty simple to put together. I really like it! Mary 2/7/14

Thought I’d try to provide an honest testimonial for you to use. Have been using this AirDesk for about 3 weeks now. It’s awesome. Works just as described, and I appreciate the various positions I can use it in. The single drawback is that it bounces when I type. In some of the positions I can set it in — and if I lean my wrists on the laptop, the bouncing is quite minimized, and all is well in the world. Thank you for a cool creation. Jennifer 2/2/14

Might I say I love it, Anne, 1/30/14

The AirDesk is Lovely, I Recommend it Highly! Anna, 1/30/14

You should be very proud, it is an ingenious thing, it is attractive and compact, quite a neat thing. Noreen 1/6/13

This one is for my huband, these are the best things ever, Elizebeth 12/15/13

Hello, My daughter and son-in-law just purchased and are enjoying their 2 new AirDesks. When I saw them, I immediately had them order one for my husband that included the laptop pad, 2 trays, iPad extension as well as the coffee cup holder. It’s sitting here in my office all put together and I am so excited to present it to my husband tonight. I was so thrilled with his, I just placed an order for my own! What a useful and wonderful invention. Thank you so much, Charlene 1/24/14

It is a really good product I enjoy it every day of my life. Eldon 1/23/14

Thank you, the AirDesk is better than I expected and is perfect for my needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it – in fact I just posted to G+ and FB. MegaZone 1/20/14

Hi! It’s been about a month now that I’ve had my air desk and I love it! There isn’t a single evening that goes by that I don’t kick back in the recliner and use it for work on my laptop or iPad. It is very well constructed, even though I was a slight doubter about the shelves just sliding onto the mast actually holding, but they do, almost as by magic! I hope you are making millions, it’s a great idea and solid. My only suggestion I’ve discovered I would love to have on a wish list, is maybe in the base or the mast having a bunch of electrical outlets so I don’t have to use a big power strip on one of the shelves. Feel free to use my recommendations and I’m spreading the word of mouth too! Thank you Thank you! Russ 1/19/14

I want to tell you I love the product, had it for a few months now. fantastic product, I love it, I really love it. Mark 1/17/14

Received my order promptly, set it up AND LOVE IT!!!!! I have someone else that is probably going to be ordering one as well. :) Betty 1/13/14

. .it is amazing what happens when you read directions!!! All is well and I am stunned by the support!!! Thank you!!!!! Marie 1/11/14

I just assembled my Air Desk and it’s exactly what I hoped it would be. Thanks for inventing such a truly nifty device! Betsy 1/1/14

Wow! That’s some fast service, Thank you so much! Heather 1/7/14

I love my air desk! It does just what I wanted it to do. It’s a great help, and a great product. Thanks! Heather 1/6/14

You should be very proud. It is an ingenious thing, it is attractive and compact, quite a neat thing. Noreen 1/6/14

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! I just love it!!! Toni 1/3/14

Love my stand, better then I thought it would be!!!!! James 12/30/13

Thank you for the prompt response. I can say you have restored my confidence in online ordering and I cannot wait to see my Dads face when it is all setup. He is elderly and his current table does not allow for easy accessibility to the facilities. Thank you, Jennifer 12/24/13

I REALLY like your design. We own two of them and I advertise your product like water in the desert. Regards, Vaughn 12/16/13

This one is for my husband, these are the best thing ever, Elizabeth 12/15/13

I am the proud owner of 3 air desks and I love them every single day. Stephen 12/15/13

You little ripper!!:) Our Air Desk Arrived on the 14th of December2013. This Desk is perfect. Absolutely SUPERB build quality. Stylish enough for the lounge room and a dream to use. Thanks mate – you and your company are legends. One very happy Aussie Neil :). 12/14/13

I want to order one. I have two friends with them and they really like them. Kathy 12/13/13

I got the air desk today and it is everything you said it would be. I was easy to set up and is working like a champ. Mike 12/11/13

I love it. Dan 11/24/13

I am still uncomfortable not paying for the replacement parts and I do appreciate the customer focus. Now, I’m not going to beg you to bill me, I accept your views on customer satisfaction – and yes, both my wife and are are very satisfied with your product – however, if you wish to bill me, please email the information to me. Of course, if you bill me too much, I won’t be able to get the kids new shoes this year (joke). Thanks again and may you and yours have a safe and prosperous holiday season and new year! Barry 11/22/13

It’s a great product! My husband may end up with a laptop one at some point. Stacey. 11/20/13

“This design is revolutionary. “Really, very good.” DAN 11/19/13

I now have my laptop setup with a second monitor while I work (Usually about 8 hours per night) doing remote support from my power reclining couch. It’s so awesome, I am not hunched over my 11.6” laptop on the arm of the couch anymore! Now I have a HD 15.6” with a huge second monitor. Productivity and comfort to the MAX! Darryl, Kelly’s 11/6/13

Some of my coworkers ordered the same months ago, and they’ve been very pleased. Thank you! Megan 11/6/13

Wonderful setup. Thank you so much. It really helps since I have a failed back surgery and need to sit in a pushback recliner. Louis 10/24/13

The AirDesk is Wonderful, a marvel of engineering, Rosalie 10/17/13

Wow! You not only have an excellent product but also are top notch professionals. Thank you. Luis 9/20/13

My laptop desk came last night and went together very easily. I’m very happy with how sturdy it is for such a light weight set up and the very long pole to view the computer over rhe top of the elliptical. Brent 9/11/13

It all looks GREAT!! Thanks again for making this product!! Mona 9/9/13

I received my standard tablet airdesk yesterday and assembled it. I LOVE IT! It is simply genius in my opinion. Sally 9/3/13

I am seriously in love with the AirDesk. Kathleen 8/14/13

Thanks! I have two air desks and they save my life :) I really love your product! Aura 7/9/13

I really like the airdesk design. It is the peferct solution for my laptop needs. I’ve been enjoying it for several years. Pete 6/24/13

By the way, I’ve enjoyed my air desk for years. Kudos to you guys for the great idea/product. Kerry 6/9/13

I own an airdesk (which btw is AWESOME!) . Michael 5/20/13

Thank you!! My husband absolutely loves his new Airdesk! Melissa 5/16/13

Thank you! This thing is kick ass! Mark 5/10/13

One Of (The) Very Best Investments I’ve Ever MADE ! ! ! ! ! Capt James 4/30/13

It is difficult to find the words to express how delighted my wife and I are with your product. Wonderful design and high quality throughout! Air Desk totally exceeds my expectations and is well worth the price. Peter 4/29/13

We are so happy with my Air Desk that my wife wants one also, please send another… Peter 4/29/13

Thank you…..and we still LOVE our air desk after all these years! James 4/20/13

I have I joyed using my air desk, and I know now that I have many more years of use. Angel 4/14/13

I am very pleased with the air desk. It works perfectly with my recliner couch – and does an excellent job of organizing the cables. Your caring is appreciated!!! Darby 4/12/13

By the way, I love it! Robin 4/11/13

I received it yesterday and it was in great shape….I love this thing already! Thank you very much! Great design! Tim 4/10/13

I received it yesterday, and like it very much. Thank you for the quality, and efficiency. Leona 4/5/13

I just installed the Air Desk in my truck. Works great , looks great. Thanks so much. Jim 3/27/13

Thank You very much for such a fine addition to my home office. Again thank you very much for such a fine quality product. I very well may be a repeat customer as I will most likely order one for my son. Herbert 2/28/13

Thank you, I think my desk is great……Thanks again, John 2/18/13

I love my Air Desk. I have owned it for nearly three years now and so love it’s functionality that I have just ordered two more shelves. A terrific, trouble free, sturdy design. Tom 2/16/13

We recently ordered and received 2 of your tablet stands. We love these things!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making such a great product! Elizabeth 2/14/13

I love my new Airdesk! I am telling everyone about it. Bonnie 2/14/13

My wife is so thrilled with her Swing Out Laptop Stand!!!! We will be referring you to others. Jim W 1/22/13

I have two air-desks and LOVE them both, and thanks for your GREAT products! John L 1/20/13

The airdesk is great. I may be ordering another one for the office! Jim 1/20/13

Thank you very much for the information Ed and for your quick response . I will definitely refer you to all my friends. Jim 1/19/13

I use my Air Desk in the cab of a small, Class C motorhome. This desk has solved all my computer/travel problems—I love it! Andrea 1/13/13

I have had my Airdesk for a couple months now and love it!Very happy customer, Jon 1/11/13

I received my air desk today. I put it together myself, a miracle… But so simple. I looooooove it! FINALLY a product that meets the form and function! Thanks. Abby 1/8/13

Thanks for making such a wonderful product. It truly makes a difference in my everyday life! Catherine 1/8/13

I bought my Air Desk almost 2 years ago and it still works great. Everyone should have one they are amazing easy to put together and use daily. Again it makes me proud to have it and it’s made in the USA AWESOME!!! Thank You Paul 1/7/13

Thank you, I think my desk is great……Thanks again,John 2/18/13

We love the desk. I got it for my husband for the camper. However, it has never left the house. :-) Pat 2/25/13

I wanted to let you know that my husband loves it! My whole family thought it was great! Thanks again, and Happy New Year! Kim 12/27/12

I love it, it’s the most exciting thing I have ever experienced! Absolutely in love with the thing, best invention made 11/30/12

8/21/12 I am delighted to have found your wonderful air desk! I am confined to a chair most of the day so I needed something other than my lap to hold my computer. I upgraded to the large tray and it is just perfect! I keep my Kindle on the smaller shelf; so it is also easily accessible. I can’t tell you how great it is to have gotten that weight off my lap! And it’s so easy to get up now, I don’t have to go through a huge procedure to be able to leave the chair! Being made in the USA is a great bonus. That is important to me.

Thank you so much for making this fantastic product. I will tell all my friends about it. You have made my life much easier with my AIRDESK!!! Yours truly, Diane M

Thanks for everythiing. I love my Airdesk! Jen C 8/21/12

Wanted to let you know I received my AirDesk yesterday, and had it assembled in no time at all. it is a perfect fit. Looks great, and works even better. I’m using it right now to write this note and it actually made me want to get up this morning to start work early knowing that my head, neck and arms would all be as comfy as my legs in my recliner! Thanks for the great product! I know several people who work from home in recliners – I’m sending them all recommendations for the AirDesk. Thanks again! Kim 8/17/12

Thanksto you and my small$ windfall I have become a laptop potato. LOL ! Seriously though, THANKS ! Elwood 8/14/12

We have 2 of these desks, they are wonderful I take it every where i go, use it every day, love it. Anthony W 8/14/12

I am very pleased with this product! It is far superior to the old “Hospital Bed” style portable desks sold by most retail outlets. It was easy to assemble and accommodates even my 19″ laptop and cooling fan with a good amount of stability. The best feature is the flexibility of its design in the area of adjustments to suit personal preferences. The floating mousepad adds an further utility for people like me who a prefer cordless mouse to a touchpad. I would recommend this product to my friends. Keith M 8/13/12

I would like tell you guys how great your AirDesk is. I have two of them with laptop stand and one with the iPad accessory. Thanks for your great product and time! Jon K 7/23/12

I’m so delighted with my air desk: as you said it works great while I’m in a reclined position. I just ordered a second one for my other office location. thanks so much. Jack L 7/19/12

Coolest thing we ever found, fantastic, best thing ever. 7/17/12

Thanks so much! I love my AirDesk! It is one of the greatest items in my life! Richard T 7/15/12

Thank you so much for prompt processing of this new (my second) order. I received my first AirDesk today (July 11) from my first order placed on July 7, quickly assembled and put it to immediate use. I recently underwent surgery for a ruptured distal biceps tendon in my right arm and will have continuing limited mobility for several weeks or more. As a consultant, I really need someway to continue writing reports on my laptop, so after considerable online research (with help from my wife) decided to give the AirDesk a try. Thanks to this ingenious product I am now writing this email completely unassisted! In fact, it has worked so well that my wife now wants one for herself, thus my order for a second one! Thank you for brighting up an otherwise gloomy predicament! Mel 7/11/12

Received it today & am now using it to send you my thanks. This is by far the neatest desk I have seen for computers. It is comfortable, easy to move out of the way when not in use, & may just save my marriage!!! (Kidding),although my husband had been banned from our twin recliner because I had the laptop on his side, he now can come back & sit with me without having to move my laptop!! It’s made really sturdy~~you guys rock!!! For the first time in ages I am comfortable working on my laptop!!! Thank you & Blessings, Kathe S 7/10/12

i love it ilove it so much it is just perfect Sandra H 7/6/12

I just wanted to inform you that we recieved the new Air Desk in good condition, that it assembled easily and quickly and is everything it claims to be. I find this pleasantly surprising since I’ve made quite an effort out of locating and ‘dry running’ more than one supposedly quality device to allow my wife to work confortabley from her recliner. None of them were as well designed and constructed as her new Air Desk, nor did they do anywhere near as good a job. Michael G 6/29/12

24 hours later – I have it and I love it !!! Joan 6/29/12

I am extremely happy with my AirDesk, it is a well built piece of equipment and a joy to use. Harold G 6/19/12

Best desk i have ever seen. Kevin 6/15/12

I can tell already I am going to LOVE the airdesk that arrived yesterday. Thanks for your great communication and service. Donna 6/12/12

Your product is fantastic. Thanks again. Mike 6/8/12

Your product is really cool and my 9 year old son is very happy to have it as a part of his man cave.Linda M 6/8/12

Got it and it is fantastic. My friend is using it for his thesis and he says it works great! Sheridan M 5/30/12

I LOVE my Air Desk..unsure when I got it but I know it’s been a few years. NOTHING has broken or not worked as it should so I am super pleased. Linda in Md Typed on an Air Desk 5/23/12

Love it! Thank you. Jackie L 5/22/12

My fabulous new tablet setup is exactly what I need!!! Still got some tweaking to do but all in all I’m thrilled! Pamela C 5/19/12

I received my new AirDesk and am very pleased with the quality and construction. Ray M 5/18/12

Want to let you know that I am still happily using my two Air Desks after owning them for probably 15 years. They are as good as new! I can’t imagine using a laptop comfortably at home any other way. Mike 5/17/12

Love the first Airdesk so much that I want all my computers to be on one!! I ve posted several photos of your equipment on Facebook and included your web address. It s my 64th birthday on Saturday and I thought this was a great present for me! Pamela C 5/14/12

Dear Customer Service, I just wanted to let you know that I have had my Air Desk for approximately a month now and I absolutely love it. I use it in the living room and also my bedroom. It is way beyond what I expected it to be. It is also a style that fits in very well with my contemporary decor. Thank you for making such an innovative product. Regards, Lynda C 4/12/12

I have to tell you this is one of the handiest things, if not the handiest thing I have ever owned, bill k 4/22/12

Howdy,I have two of your AirDesks (best out there!) and noticed you have an extension for the iPad. . . mac 4/18/12

Dear AirDesk, I am very pleased with my new AirDesk. Finally – I have a place where the cats can’t sleep on my laptop! This is a wonderful product, and you have great customer service. Many thanks! Susan in NY 4/17/12

Dear Customer Service, I just wanted to let you know that I have had my Air Desk for approximately a month now and I absolutely love it. I use it in the living room and also my bedroom. It is way beyond what I expected it to be. It is also a style that fits in very well with my contemporary decor. Thank you for making such an innovative product. Regards, Lynda C 4/11/12

WOW! I am typing this from my laptop on the new AirDesk, got it a couple of hours ago. This is amazing! Simple to assemble, all the tools you need are included so no running around trying to find them. Infinitely adjustable. I am sure I will be tweaking for a few days to get it perfect but this is close already. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. Got to love made not only in the US but in Maine Marsha 3/29/2012

I really like it, ingenious idea, it works great for my tablet. Scott 3/26/2012

The answer to my problems with using my laptop on my recliner. This is my best purchase for my computer, and mostly for me and my comfort. I no longer have a heavy cumberson laptop desk to lean on my legs and to lift to get up from the recliner. Love it and would recommend it to anyone who asks me. Thanks for the quick delivery and your advise. All round great buy! D. 3/25/2012

We have been looking for sturdy, yet elegant and unobtrusive computer stands for our laptops that can be moved aside when not in use. We saw this design through an Amazon Search, and bought 3 (2 for the den/media room, and one in the bedroom.) We received an order confirmation call from AirDesk Customer Service. The next day, we got an email with the tracking information, and the next day (yesterday) we got them in the mail. The directions are very simple, and clear – easy to setup and already using them. AirDesk has exemplified Customer Service – to following through and making such a quality useful, very sturdy, and beautiful sets of furniture!! Definite 5 of 5 stars!! Ben – Newark, DE 3/23/2012

They(AirDesks) are wonderful this is our third. We bought one and loved it so much we got two more. And I love that they are made in the U.S., we only buy American products now. Donna I 3/15/2012

Used it for many years and I love it. Ron H 3/5/2012

AirDesk, I’ve had your AirDesk for quite awhile maybe 4-5+ years and I have found it amazingly wonderful. It is used everyday and I couldn’t do without it. I’ve thought that I might need two of them but it is so portable I been able to use just this one. Very Satisfied Customer, Gary Y

Used it for many years and I love it. Ron H 3/5/12

AirDesk, I’ve had your AirDesk for quite awhile maybe 4-5+ years and I have found it amazingly wonderful. It is used everyday and I couldn’t do without it. I’ve thought that I might need two of them but it is so portable I been able to use just this one. Very Satisfied Customer, Gary Y 3/2/12

My sister has one and I love it, her neighbor has one too. Now Iwant one, Loretta 3/1/12

7 years old and it has served me well thank you for making a great product. Lowell S 3/1/12

I also want to have the opportunity to tell you that these are excellent products, made professionally, usually my wife doesn’t like my computers tables, The Airdesks Likes her. I’m happy and I’ll be more when I get my parts. Thank you Andres 2/15/12

Thanks Ed, appreciate the quick response…and thanks again for a great product! Craig M 2/11/12

Thank you. And, my wife LOVES her Airdesk. Eric 1/20/12

Re: I love the iPad Holder. It works great and is a great solution. Thanks for the lightening fast service. Sally L 1/18/12

Owner for 5 years, great piece of equipment, one of the best investments I ever made, it’s awesome!Ruth 1/17/12

Thanks very much… By the way wife really enjoys her airdesk. Robert 1/16/12

Thanks for inventing such a wonderful product. Elaine 1/15/12

First and foremost, thank you for such a wonderful invention. I had been searching for quite some time for a mobile desk and I love my new airdesk. It is extremely versatile! Viki 1/13/12

Absolutely fantastic! Ken 1/4/12

Your customer service is fantastic. Regards, David 1/3/12

My wife purchased one for me for Christmas, and I am so pleased with it! It filled a perfect need for me using my laptop next to my recliner. I have 2 small table attachments, and a “beverage” holder. Great product, VERY VERY HAPPY WITH IT !!! Thank you, Satisfied Customer Keith H 12/29/12

The AirDesk is a great product. Very versatile and attractive. I watched my wife drop her laptop computer on the floor from her chair twice, before Christmas and we had talked about getting a new computer for Christmas. I said, let’s fix the problem before we buy a new computer and AirDesk did the trick. We both love it, and I feel a lot better about having a new computer now. Steve J 12/28/11

Great feature! You should put it in your add! You can hold your child and work! anonymous mother 12/12/12

I own 3 airdesks, greatest invention I have found on-line. Allen 12/26/11

You have a great product, I think it is awesome!Mark. 12/15/11

Hi Ed Eric V here, just wanted to let you know my shoulder surgery went well and I can send you this because of my Air Desk. I was definitely skeptical when I set it and thought this isn’t going to hold my 17” laptop even after calling and talking to you, but you were 100% right. when I need to get up I just swing it out of my way with no worries, I even have a removable hard drive velcroed to the top of my laptop (positioned in the center) with no worries. Thanks again for your patience and most of all for my Air Desk. Eric V 12/9/11

I just received my air desk today and I LOVE it! Laura S 12/12/11

Absolutely wonderful, a great product Sandy 12/1/2011

He LOVES the desk! Its not often that he even likes something :). Thanks, Cathy 11/9/11

Just thought you might like to see my wonderful air desk in my room. I LOVE IT. don’t know what I would do without it. Mine is used for medical infusions, but when it’s not doing that yuky thing it looks beautiful and is home to my ipad and more ! probably the best, most life enhancing purchase I’ve made in years. still looks beautiful and it just seems to adapt to whatever I need it to. thank you for this wonderful invention ! thanks, beth f 10/30/11

Received the mast, put the desk together and aside from that little chip on the upper righthand corner of the computer shelf everything is just fabulous! Thank you for the great product, the great customer service and be assured that I will definitely pass the word along regarding howfantastic the AirDesk is. Have a great weekend, DaveA 10/28/11

I am thoroughly enjoying my AirDesk. David S 10/15/11

It is wonderful. With my broken ankle I can set myself up now so I can work and not be in some weird angle. I love it! I especially love that is not made of mdf and has no weird outgassing. I think I will get another for my vacation home which is too small for a regular desk! Thanks for the great invention! Nancy 10/6/11

I put together the desk all by myself and am so in love with it. Can use the laptop now in my recliner with two long haired dachshunds sharing the space with me. Thanks Air Desk, Geri L 9/25/11

We love our Airdesks and have already had neighbors asking where we got it and hearing, “that’s what I want for Christmas.” Thank you for making such a great product. Glen Rodger 9/8/11

Just a quick note to thank you again for the terrific customer service and to tell you, having used it for a month, how muchI love my Air Desk. The assembly was easy, quick, and intuitive.The materials and workmanship of the desk and the accessories that I ordered are superb.It is without exception the most comfortabledesk that I have everused, and it looks great in my living room. I am significantly more productive and much better organized now that I have an Air Desk. I could not be happier. Congratulations on a remarkable product. Warmest regards, Mike 9/8/11

Hi there! I’ve been using my new desk for a few weeks now and just wanted to tell you I love it! I’m glad I bought the extra shelves and the heavy duty version because it adds so much to its versatility. Thanks again for your help in making sure I ordered the correct options. It turned out great! Sincerely, Sharon H 8/18/2011

Your air desk is exactly what I had pictured for about 5 years. THANK YOU for developing and marketing it. I LOOOOOOVE it. Now I want a taller one to put the laptop on and watch movies from a reclining position on the sofa. Amy G 8/11/12

I’m impressed with your quick response and willingness to correct this issue. Frankly, I think the shipper should be liable for the replacement costs as the package was obviously roughly handled. This satisfied customer will spread the word about your innovative product at a reasonable price. Thanks, Paul B-G 8/6/11

The appearance of your product is excellent. I intend to order the large laptop arm assembly very shortly. Thanks for your prompt response. James W 8/4/11

I have had one for 6 months and I absolutely love it. This next one is for my Son so he will leave mine alone. Sue 7/13/11

More Please! I love my Airdesk! I have my laptop and mouse set up at the proper ergonomic levels for eyes and wrist. Thank you so much! I have been dreaming about this set-up for probably a decade – so glad I found you! Once I get settled in, I’d like to create a fanpage on facebook for you if that’s ok? Thanks!! Nellie 7/11/11

My Fabulous AirDesk I have arthritis and holding a book makes my hands hurt. Before the Airdesk, my back and arms gave me trouble all the time. Now I am pain-free. I am a bit of a decorator and am picky about having a mess in my family room. The Airdesk fits right in, neatly organized and doesn’t take up a lot of visual space. It is on of the best purchases I have ever made. My daughter wants one for Christmas, birthday, or just ‘cuz’. Thank you so much for developing this wonderful desk! Susan 7/1/11

I appreciate that the desk I do use in the sitting position helps me a lot. Thanks for your kindness. :) Anneli 6/16/11

Congratulations on fine product ! Took only minutes to setup and works great,, very sleek and well designed, and shipping was extremely fast. Thanks !! Mike L. 6/15/2011

It (the tablet holder) is perfect” Benny K 6/1/2011

Here’s another testimonial because I love it! just have to send this to you because I’ve wanted this desk for about 2 years now! I let my husband talk me out of it way back then but this time I was so sick of being in a cramped position to use my laptop. The small table tI was using was difficult to move out of the way and was also taking up so much room even though it was small. So clutter was also getting stuck and in the way and even pushed under even the cooling unit as well and stopping the fans. This desk is perfect. But I knew it would be. I can put it in the exact height I need, push it out of the way and have two other shelves for coffee cup and other little stuff I need there. My gosh I am thrilled! THANK YOU for this design, for the fast shipping and for the amazing ease in assembly…………you are just brilliant! Thank you, Rebecca H 6/1/2011

Happy customer again! I am sooo glad I contacted you and am delighted with your very fast response — and over a weekend no less. I loved my desk and I was so disappointed when I thought it had to be retired. Thanks again for a cool product and for your outstanding service. Mary O 5/21/2011

I am typing this to you with my laptop on your/my AirDesk — LOVE it. I wish I had ordered it when I first saw it on-line. Kathleen D 5/5/2011

My money was well spent onmy air desk. I use my air desk everyday with my laptop and cannot imagine ever being without one now.It is so effortless to push aside when I want to get up from my recliner. It is light weight yet very sturdy and I can move it to use in another room in my house with ease. It has made my life much simpler. Thank you for such afantastic product. David from Franklin, Maine 4/20/2011

Most import piece of furniture in my life. Susan L 4/19/2011

It’s everything you said it was. Perfect for my needs. Thank you.Michael D, Ph.D. 3/18/2011

I got the air desk on friday and I am so happy with it. It is just what I needed. Thank you for your help and amazing customer service. Many thanks, Praveen 1/30/2011

I have been telling everybody already about your Airdesk, and how much I like it. Now I will add how great your Customer Service is!! Thank you so much! Petra 1/29/2011

Better than expected! Well, I am impressed. Invisible furniture! Every element of this ingenious design fits perfectly. There was no “jimmying” the parts or pieces to get them to fit. This is a real work of art, and a quality piece of furniture. I can now use my laptop … and my lap is empty! I no longer have to assume the “laptop pose/balance act” to use my laptop. This is one purchase I’m going to brag about for a long time! BRAVO! Mrs. Patti A 1/11/2011

I am a 72 year old cancer patient. I spend most of my time setting in my recliner playing on my laptop computer. It’s my main entertainment. Back at Christmas of 2008 my kids bought me my AirDesk. I immediately knew this was just what I needed and ordered two extra airshelves. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this wonderful product. It’s so well built that is is every bit as good today as it was two years ago when I got it. No doubt in my mind that it will far outlast me. I’m old school and really appreciate quality and this is TOP QUALITY! Thanks for making my life better. Robert (Bob) C 1/8/2011

Just wanted to let you know I love my air desk so thank you for getting my extra laptop shelf out so quickly I did have it the next day and had a very merry Christmas. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year. I will totally recommend your product to friends, Pam 1/7/2011

THANK YOU! And thank you for excellent customer service! So many companies have forgotten what good customer service is and why it is important! Obviously, you and your company understand the value of it. Happy New Year to you as well, Sincerely, Randal 12/30/2011

My boss was surprised and loved the airdesk. Merry Christmas! Renee C 12/6/2010

I LOVE my Airdesk! So easy to put together. Sturdy and perfect. Thank you! Dawn 11/4/2010

Very happy with it. Thank you. Robert T 10/24/2010

I’ve had the Airdesk for a week now and just love it. I have it on my front porch so I can sit outside and play on the computer. Love it a lot. John D 10/14/2010

Thank you very much and this is a Great desk! I will tell all my friends that this is the perfect desk for any application :) James F 10/13/2010

The Airtable arrived today as promised and is assembled. Very easy to put together, so just waiting to see how it works for dad when he uses it later. He didn’t know I was buying this. He wouldn’t let my mother get it because he was being stubborn and said he didn’t need it. So being the awful person that I am in “not obeying” my parents, I went and bought it anyway. Thanks for your prompt replies to my inquiries. I am sure this will be well used and much enjoyed. Dad is 80, and those who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks were a tad wrong. He seems to be enjoying his new computer and the games on it, so now will enjoy it even more. Donna 9/22/2010

Thanks again for selling a great product. My wife loves it!!! Lee P 9/9/2010

I’ve received my AirDesk in good condition. I’m using it at my digital piano for transcribing music – works great! William B 9/1/2010

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Air Desk! I really wanted to be on my laptop while I was exercising on my (recumbent) bike and I couldn’t find anything that would be out of the way of my knees. After tons of research and having to return some very unstable tray thing from Amazon, I found the Air Desk. This purchase has been wildly satisfying. Yes, I said wildly. It was pretty easy to put together and works exactly as promised. The flat circular base is genius , I can slide it right under the rug, (it doesn’t interfere with the petals) and the table moves so fluidly that when I am positioning my laptop it feels like it is literally floating on air – very impressive! I’m a picky customer. I have a little loft in downtown LA, so I needed high function, a secure/safe base for my laptop, and something unobtrusive that didn’t interfere visually. The clear desktop and chrome bars have the perfect “economy” of visual space and it performs exactly as I had hoped it would. Brilliant design, I’ll never need anything else! Thank you for making a product that completely solved my problem. Angela T. Los Angeles 8/17/2010

I received it yesterday and I LOVE it! I’m putting my comments on FB for everyone to see. Great product. Melinda B 8/3/2010

I recently purchased your air desk and it is GREAT!! I have an invention that compliments your airdesk…it is a wall mounted rack to store and recharge laptop computers and all mobile electronic devices…I came about inventing it after searching stores and the web for a rack to hold laptop computers and couldn’t find what I had pictured in my mind….not unlike your story with the airdesk! I was wondering if you would like to link our web pages? I am new to this web-based business adventure and truly think our products are a great match….I have been telling people with the Laprack and the airdesk…the office of the future is here NOW :) Cost effective and adaptable for home, dorm room, and office. What do you think?? we’re ahead of our time? Curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Nancy Curtis 7/13/2010

Got my parts already! so happy. My desk is now beautiful again and 100% functioning! Love love love your product! Deborah S 7/8/2010

Thank you, Ed! My husband put mine together so he was familiar with the set up. I have no idea why it was not in the box. I have to say your product has been a great find. Since finding your product, I daily log in many miles on our stationary bike and stay productive…all at the same time! I have told many people about your product and how great it is. We have a 3 hour radio show on WRKO every Saturday 9-12pm since 2007…Bill Kelly’s Senior Safe Money Strategies. I have a feeling you will get some advertisement for your Air Desk soon. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and thanks again for such an excellent product!!! Best Regards, Kelly Kelly 6/20/2010

My Air Desk continues to be one of my best purchases ever. Thanks, Stephen Ross 6/15/2010

Greetings! I have been using your desk for a year now and I am quite happy. Thanks so much, Jori Owens 5/17/2010

Just wanted to let you know that your product is awesome. This is my second. The first went in the RV. When my husband and I got new furniture in the house, the old cart with the wobbly wheel didn’t work with my new chair. Brought the AirDesk in from the RV and it works great so ordered my second. Am bragging you up on Facebook. Judy 5/25/2010

I received my AirDesk today (very quickly and as promised) and I am absolutely delighted. Assembly was easy and I can fit so much stuff on the extra shelves. All the shelves swing away as promised and the fact that the shelf can rotate to the right and left allows me to easily have it closer when I’m typing and further to watch movies. I work from home often and all in all this is a welcome enhancement to my efficiency and pleasure. Thank you. Danièle 4/30/2010

Please confirm or ask me to re-order, or call me. I’m lost without my Airdesk and must get the cross fitting tomorrow or my weekend is shot. Thanks, Paul M

Outstanding Thank You! Your AirDesk — Brilliant idea, brilliant design, brilliant execution! I have been using the desk for several months and love it. I use it every day for 90% of my computer work. I have used two other lap top desks, both wooden. They served well, but required moving the whole desk to get in and out of my chair. I could not put my legs up. With your design I just swing my computer right in front of me or out of the way. An easy one hand job. And today by phone you told me how I could easily make it a stand-up desk. I originally bought the slightly taller post (at your suggestion) and now all I have to do is lift the computer and shelf. No new parts, no new expensive desk. I was prepared to buy something more, and I had called to be sure I bought the right new part. Now, instead, no expense — just a pleasant phone call and your suggestion. Again, thank you. Terrific. Stephen Ross 4/23/2010

Just want to tell you how much I LOVE my air desk!!! I’ve had it about 4 years now and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I also love it that when a part wears out you can just order replacement parts without having to buy a whole new desk. Thanks so much! Diane Lamas 4/22/2010

Hey I mean to write you before now but my mother in law has been in the hospital. I love the airdesk. Perfect for what I wanted and the replacement part you sent fixed it right up. Thanks, Kathy 4/9/2010

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for the helpful info. I love my airdesk and have gotten a bunch of compliments on it. I’m so glad you created it! Warmly, Laura 4/9/2010

We love the Airdesk computer stand. My wife is handicapped and it makes it much easier for her to use her computer. Thank you, Gene Agee 4/4/2010

Love It!!!!! Jennifer H 4/1/2011

WoW!!! just got my AirDesk put together … I can only think of three words right now Awesome Awesome Awesome Warren F 2/9/2010

Received the Air Desk today, had to let you know how fantastic it really is. There is no position you can’t achieve. GREAT PRODUCT. THANKS Richard L 2/2/2010

I love my desk Robin A 1/28/2010

Very pleased with it. Thanks, Gary J 1/24/2010

Hey, Thank you, I love love love myAir Desk!!! Rosalie B 1/12/2010

PS The Desk is GREAT!! Mark G 1/5/2010

We have many many more, but you get the idea, the folks at AirDesk