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Projector Stand


Ideal for home theater or business use. At up to 7 feet up your projector is well above head level and away from kids and clients. The 3-D, 7-Axis ultra-adjustable projector tray is strapped to your projector for security. AirDesk's exclusive 3-D positioning technology puts the projector beam exactly where you need it, always in focus and always a perfect image shape and size. The end result is a truly elegant design, perfect for the great room or the board room.

Note: If your projector’s footprint is larger than 8″x12″ you must select the Large Projector Tray.

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The 7′ Projector Stand by AirDesk®

Our Projector Stand is Elegant, Tall, Portable and Ultra-Adjustable.  It positions your projector above head level and adjusts to just about every situation imaginable.

At up to 7 feet up your projector is well above head level so no interruptions from shadows.  Proven applications are trade shows, home theaters, business, churches, DJs, bands and schools. They are even being used on dance floors they are so secure.  The AirDesk Projector Stand perfectly positions any projector up to 20 lbs.

The ultra-adjustable projector mount readily adjusts in every angle and every direction for truly professional images for portable or permanent applications.  Your valuable projector is securely strapped in with the Velcro straps provided.  AirDesk’s exclusive all angle all directions positioning technology puts the projector beam exactly where you need it, always in focus and always a perfect image shape and size.  We guarantee it. Cables are also managed with the Velcro style ties provided with every AirDesk.

Portable and Convenient

The mast is two piece and disconnects from the base for portability.  A convenient carry handle is built in the base for enhanced portability.  It is all easily carried with one or two hands.  All components break down in seconds for storage or transport.  Easily carry an AirDesk® by the mast with one hand, or two hands using the carry handle.  Although portable, this projector stand is sturdy and attractive enough for permanent applications.

Two Products in One with the Laptop Arm Accessory

If you order the additional laptop arm, remove the top half of the mast and you instantly have a Tall Airdesk for a laptop.  Two products in one.  Or use your laptop with the projector simultaneously for convenient and simple laptop to projector wiring.  For presentations, use your laptop so you can see your presentation without looking behind you.  

Quality and Elegance

We are consistently complimented by customers on the unexpected engineering elegance, quality and beauty of their AirDesks.  The frame is made of super tough stainless steel which is polished to a mirror finish.  The Projector Stand literally reflects the surroundings and almost disappears in the background.  Custom green edge trays and shelves have an expensive tempered glass appearance but are durable and easy to clean acrylic. Fully adjustable Velcro straps keep your projector secure.  The heavy but thin steel base securely supports your projector.  It has a high quality and durable black wrinkle finish that does not scratch valuable flooring.  The base is thin and strong enough to go under furniture.  You you can even dance on it or roll an office chair over it.    See specifications for more information.

Customize Your World

One of the biggest benefits of AirDesks over all competitors is your ability to customize your Projector Stand to meet your specific needs.  As you change equipment or work area, no need to buy a new stand, simply order the accessory, new tray or mast that you need.  Also unlike other products out there, your desk can position multiple devices at the same time.  This is a huge benefit for many users.  Use your Projector, laptop(s) and tablet(s) and even a monitor or two simultaneously.  Below are select accessories you may consider.  For a complete catalog of accessories, see Accessories.

Maximum projector height 84”, 7 feet. Maximum projector weight: 20 lbs. Base diameter 20”, thickness1/8”, 14 lbs solid steel with attractive textured finish. Mast and Arms: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel. Mast is two 42” sections for travel and storage. Arm length 16” Standard Projector Tray: 8x12”, the large is 13x16”, Velcro straps included. Angle and tilt adjustments: every, including straight down. Direction adjustments: every


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