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Desktop Workstation


The AirDesk® Desktop computer desk is a truly elegant and practical design, perfect for the living-room or office. This Desktop Workstation provides computing elegance and incredible comfort for you PC. Ideal for any recliner, chair or sofa. Monitor, Keyboard (or Standard Laptop) and mouse pad positioning in exclusive AirDesk-3D. Mast height is 42”.

Desktop Computer Desk by AirDesk® Swings-Away

These elegant Laptop Desk Stands are optimized for ease-of-use, health, comfort and beauty.

Ergonomic Design

Whether you are in a comfy recliner, couch with these desktop AirDesks you will be comfortable, productive and entertained.  The easy to use ultra-adjustable design allows right or left handed users to perfectly position your keyboard, mouse and monitor for your sitting situation and personal health needs.  AirDesk’s unique Swing-Away motion is easily performed by elderly and teens alike.  No more carpal tunnel discomfort.  Perfect positioning means your entire upper body is relieved of the stress you normally experience when using your desk.   Easily adjust your equipment in every direction and every angle without tools or effort to achieve optimal comfort and health in your home and business.   Even those pesky cables are managed for you using the Velcro straps provided.  Swing away your laptop and your cables go with it, luxurious.  For additional information on the ergonomic benefits of the unique AirDesk design read Important Ergonomic Benefits of Air Desk Use by DR. Rasmussen

Quality and Elegance

We are constantly complimented by customers on the unexpected engineering elegance, quality and beauty of their AirDesks.  The specialized frame is made of super strong stainless steel which is polished to a mirror finish, no particle board here.  AirDesks literally reflect your surroundings and almost disappear in the background.  Custom green edge trays and shelves have an expensive tempered glass appearance but are durable and easy to clean acrylic.  The heavy steel, 1/8″ thick Ultra-Thin Base™ has a high quality and durable black wrinkle finish that does not scratch valuable flooring.  It is thin and strong enough to go under Any furniture even box desks, you can walk it or roll a wheelchair or office chair over it.  A convenient carry handle is built in the base for enhanced portability.  Easily carry anAirDesk® from room to room with one or two hands, or slide it with your foot.  See specifications for more information.

Customize Your World

One of the biggest benefits of AirDesks over all competitors is your ability to customize your AirDesk throughout your life.  As you change laptops, monitors and tablets or work area, no need to buy a new desk or stand, simply order the accessory, new tray or mast that you need.  Also unlike other products out there, your desk can position multiple devices at the same time.  This is a huge benefit for many users.  Use your keyboard, laptop and tablet and even a monitor or two simultaneously.  Below are select accessories you may consider.  For a complete list of accessories, see accessories.


The patented AirDesk® “Desktop” is AirDesk’s answer for traditional desktop computers. Work from any sofa, chair or recliner. The “Desktop” uses our exclusive positioning technology on the monitor, mouse and keyboard. It is compact, elegant and incredibly comfortable. A great high-tech addition to your living room or office. Instantly increase your productivity and quality of life by working reclined with an AirDesk. When not in use, simply rotate the arms out of the way with one finger.

Our unique positioning design perfectly positions your keyboard and mouse independently in 6 axis for maximum comfort and work efficiency. This reduce fatigue and increases relaxation. Recline and work for hours and hours, no problem! Cables are managed too. Special cable ties are provided to attach all those cables to the AirDesk frame. Cables swing with each device.

Attach your monitor using the universal VESA mount on back and away you go! Remove the monitor base for an extra Cool look.

Recline and compute in undreamed of comfort with the AirDesk Desktop Stand.

Mast height 42”, Mast extensions possible: Yes Maximum Monitor weight: 20 lbs. Base diameter 20”, thickness1/8”, 14 lbs solid steel with attractive textured finish. Mast and Arms: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel. Standard keyboard/laptop Tray/Holder: 12x12” Angle and tilt adjustments: every. Direction adjustments: every For use with Large laptops, add Large Tray Upgrade from Accessories.

1 review for Desktop Workstation
  1. ed

    Hi Brian,

    Perhaps I can help, I work exclusively from my airdesks, have done so most happily for 15 years.
    I use 3 huge 32” curved monitors on mine with 3 bases in a surround setup, no issues at all. What size is your monitor, just curious. Please shoot me a photo of the back of the unit, I can identify any issues quickly. Once set up properly, things rarely change and they never wear out.
    13 lbs should be fine if properly assembled. Did you use the round arm with the big rubber knob on the cross fitting? The rubber knob clamps on the metal arm. The screw between the hub and arm should be near vertical.
    Sounds like it is mis-assembled, the photo will help me solve that. Let me know if you need the instructions again.

    A trick on the rings, rotate them for maximum looseness, tighten the screw, then rotate them for maximum hold. Metal screws would scratch the polished mast.

    Happy to help, I look forward to the photo. Probably the fix is easy, thanks for sharing.


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AirShelf | AirDesk®

Standard AirShelf


Standard 8x12" AirShelf Mouse Accessory shelf for just about anything you like. Adjustable in rotation and height, easily adjusts and is self locking.

Desktop Shelf Accessory | AirDesk®

CPU Mount


Add a clean appearance and stability to your Desktop Stand. Counterbalances the heavy monitor. Easily rotate your CPU to inspect or change cables.

VESA Mount Monitor Arm


Attach any VESA compatible monitor to your AirDesk. This mount is adjustable in all 6 axis. Using a 42" AirDesk mast is recommended for optimal positioning.

Cup Holder | AirDesk®

Cup Holder


The AirDesk Cup/Bowl Holder Mounts on any AirDesk mast and is adjustable in height and rotation. Four flexible fingers hold any coffee cup, tea cup, glass, soda can or bowl of hot soup.