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Ergonomic Review of the AirDesk Products by Dr. Rasmussen

Ergonomic AirDesk®

Ergonomic Review:

I have been a proud owner of the AirDesk for over three months now. There are few superlatives that should be spared when describing this product. As a 24 year veteran Chiropractic Sports Medicine Physician I continually have an eye on ergonomic value. I have been using a Laptop since 1987, and over the years I have developed a system of pillows and supports to help me battle fatigue and numbness and tingling when ever I have extended sessions on my computer.

Just after I purchased my new PowerBook 17 and it slipped off of my lap and caused close to $300.00 in damages, I immediately scoured the WWW marketplace for the best Computer station device, for us multi-tasking, news/tv watching couch potato’s. I came across the AirDesk in my first Google search. Its functional simplicity, value and design features immediately caught my fancy. It was a no brainer purchase that I can only say is one of the best Medically Necessary devices in the Computer Market Place today.
Respectfully yours,

Glen G. Rasmussen D.C.

Unfortunately many laptop computer users live with pain and discomfort when working on their laptop. Many users must significantly limit or even stop using their computer to reduce physical discomfort from back pain, neck pain, headache, leg, arm or other pain and discomfort. We are hearing that AirDesk laptop desks and stands offers significant physical benefits toward relieving or minimizing the pain and discomfort of some laptop users. Because any chair, recliner, sofa or bed may be used with the AirDesk laptop desk, users are able to sit or lay at the optimal position for their maximum physical comfort. The AirDesk puts their computer exactly where they feel most comfortable using it. There is no need to sit in an awkward position for hours at a time to use your laptop.

Frequent repositioning of the computer and keyboard can help relieve discomfort for many users. The floating laptop action of the AirDesk provides almost infinite laptop positions. Minimal force is required to float the computer to the correct position so frequent repositioning to achieve maximum physical comfort is another import ergonomic benefit of the AirDesk laptop desk.

For a variety of reasons, simply sitting down or standing up can be an ordeal for many people. The convenient swing-away swing-back action of the AirDesk eliminates the added aggravation of wiggling around equipment and cables. Simply sit normally and swing your computer to the best typing position. To stand simply swing the computer away from you and stand. All cables are routed along the AirDesk frame and swing with the computer, there is no need to worry about getting caught in a cable.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a serious condition that may benefit from the ergonomic advantages of the AirDesk. see Minimize the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome