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Invented by a hard working Aerospace Engineer and Programmer for his own use. Built to last your lifetime and your grandkids lifetime. Adaptable to support all present and future devices.


Work on your laptop or tablet for hours or days from your recliner, bed, car or exercise equipment, work where you want to and for as long as you want! No more straining over a box desk or coffee table. No more heavy tray, no more pain, no more dirt, no more falling laptop or tablet. Ideal for everyone from teenagers to the elderly or disabled, a beautiful luxury, no a necessity. Once you enjoy an AirDesk you will never go back.

AirDesks are also versatile, Laptop AirDesks can even be used for meal trays, writing surfaces or keyboards. In addition to beauty, elegance, versatility and excellent functionality, ergonomics are second to none.  Tablet AirDesks also offer the one hand quick-relase action needed for devices on the go.

With ultra-adjustable™ AirDesks, your neck, back, shoulders, arms and wrists are relaxed, your eyes are perfectly positioned. Why? Because the professionally engineered structure easily adjusts in every direction and every angle. Unlimited and easy adjustments means truly extreme comfort. Add to this AirDesk’s unique swing-away capability and WOW!! Finally . . what you have wanted and needed for so long.

AirDesk has adapted this positioning technology to models for cars and trucks and for the sturdy and portable 7′ Tall Projector Stand.

You deserve an AirDesk? Your laptop or tablet will thank you, your body will too, your recliner may not.  We have one customer who has used his AirDesk for many years, he is now on his third recliner with it.

Use our laptop desk with any chair, recliner, or sofa!


Three height options to choose from. Can be used with any chair, sofa, bed, or exercise equipment.

Ultra adjustable for maximum comfort, simply swing away when you need to stand up.


AirDesk® unique 3D positioning technology will put your laptop or tablet in the perfect sweet spot.

Use your iPad or Tablet hands free with our ultra adjustable tablet stand.


Use your laptop or tablet from your favorite seat in the house for maximum comfort.

Use your iPad or Tablet in landscape or portrait mode with our Tablet Stand


Use your iPad or tablet in landscape or portrait mode, simply swing away when you need to stand.

Use your Laptop or Tablet in your vehcile with our Mobile Desk.


Turn your vehicle into the ultimate workstation, laptop and tablet versions available.

Customize your AirDesk® with one of our great accessories.


Add a tablet arm accessory to your laptop desk to use both devices in the most comfortable way possible.

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A word for care givers and special need users:

AirDesks are designed by a professional engineer for full time professional use. That said, everyone benefits from the amazingly simple, versatile and durable design. Feel free to use our help line, describe your situation and we will suggest the lowest cost configuration best suited to your needs and goals. We have lots of experience with first hand solutions for the elderly, bed ridden and post surgery users. We are here to help: