Laptop Desks, Tablet Stands for Recliners and More by AirDesk – Amazing Laptop desks, Tablet and Projector Stands loved by customers exclusively AirDesk®.
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Laptop Desks, Tablet Desk Stands for Recliners and More, AirDesk®

Invented by an Aerospace Engineer for his own use. Customize with multiple Laptops, Tablets and full range of Accessories.

Enjoy Any Laptop and Any Tablet from Any recliner, bed, car or exercise equipment   Sit, recline, lay, stand, drive or exercise and working in extreme comfort.  AirDesk’s laptop, tablet and projector stands offer beauty, elegance, versatility, functionality, ergonomics and engineering that are second to none.  Once you enjoy an AirDesk you will never go back.

Use our laptop desk with any chair, recliner, or sofa!


Three height options to choose from. Can be used with any chair, sofa, bed, or exercise equipment.

Ultra adjustable for maximum comfort, simply swing away when you need to stand up.


AirDesk® unique 3D positioning technology will put your laptop or tablet in the perfect sweet spot.

Use your iPad or Tablet hands free with our ultra adjustable tablet stand.


Use your laptop or tablet from your favorite seat in the house for maximum comfort.

Use your iPad or Tablet in landscape or portrait mode with our Tablet Stand


Use your iPad or tablet in landscape or portrait mode, simply swing away when you need to stand.

Use your Laptop or Tablet in your vehcile with our Mobile Desk.


Turn your vehicle into the ultimate workstation, laptop and tablet versions available.

Customize your AirDesk® with one of our great accessories.


Add a tablet arm accessory to your laptop desk to use both devices in the most comfortable way possible.

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